When an employee is terminated, he or she can file for unemployment benefits with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Many employers, in an attempt to save on unemployment insurance, will challenge a former employee’s claim for benefits. For example, if an employee was fired for misconduct, he or she is not eligible for unemployment benefits. If an employer challenges an employer’s claim, the TWC will set up a telephone hearing where the parties have a chance to present their case.

While a lawyer is not mandatory in these hearings, the fact is that an experienced attorney can make a major difference in the ultimate success or failure of your case. Consider working with the lawyers at the  The Law Offices of Carlos E. Hernandez, Jr. We are very familiar with the unique legal and procedural issues involved in these hearings. Our lawyers know what questions to ask and know how to present the strongest possible case for our clients.

Brownsville And Harlingen Unemployment Benefits Lawyers

Hearings before the TWC have very specific rules and burdens of proof. For instance, if you left your job involuntarily, your employer will have to prove that it terminated your employment due to misconduct. If you left your job voluntarily, you will have to prove that you had a reasonable basis for leaving your job.