Is it important to use a local personal injury lawyer ?

The personal injury legal market is becoming increasingly dominated by the largest companies that have the biggest budgets. Maybe this is just the way of the world, but the way it tends to work in the injury claims market is through very heavy advertising and offer of significant inducements to those who sign up.

The injury market is dominated by firms who spend large amounts of money on tv advertising and an increasing budget on online activities, including pay per click. The inducements offered to clients who have cases accepted can be as high as $1,000,000.00 cashback or an IPAD. But is it a good idea to sign up for legal advice just based on who are the biggest company with the biggest budget ? With legal advice, surely it matters that you get the right advice ?

Well, for some kinds of personal injury cases, these can be largely straightforward, particularly in terms of establishing legal liability. The most obvious example of this would be whiplash – most whiplash cases involve a rear end shunt, and where that happens, the driver and passengers in the car in front, if they suffer a whiplash injury, will generally succeed with a claim. In that sense, it generally tends to matter little whether you use a big law firm or not, you are in pretty safe hands.

However, if you have a catastrophic injury or a nasty injury at work, or perhaps a claim for medical negligence, these are not straightforward personal injury claims. It is important, in those circumstances, generally to have an expert in those types of claims, and we would argue, to be able to meet with your solicitor regularly and develop the level of trust and confidence necessary between solicitor and client for these types of claims.

One firm which takes it’s local client base very seriously is Lyons Snyder Personal Injury who are based in Plantaion Florida. The firm deliberately markets itself as the personal injury lawyers to go to in South Forida. Unlike many of the other personal injury websites, the firm’s website also has bios for all it’s team of lawyers, is you get to see and find out about the specialist you will be dealing with. This makes a lot of sense.